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"When my oldest signed up for the IB Diploma at USC High School the one class she was concerned about was IB Physics. The class moved quickly and she initially struggled to wrap her head around the curriculum as it was written. As the lessons of physics tend to build upon each other, she was concerned she would fall behind. Working with Tracy immediately provided her a sense of relief and confidence as Tracy was quickly able to reteach using different examples and methods that made more sense to my student. Tracy also clearly loves the subject matter and the enthusiasm spread over to my daughter. I honestly believe her success in Physics and on the IB Physics exam is in large part due to Tracy's influence and help. I can't recommend her enough for a struggling student, but also a student who may want to take Physics to the next level who would value the enrichment and passion Tracy has for the subject and its real-world applications."


“Throughout my three years of high school, I have never been more motivated to learn than in your classroom.  Your story and your drive to make an impact in our world really inspire me and give me confidence that women can be just as successful in the STEAM field as men.”


Mrs. Smith is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and passionate teachers that I have ever worked with.  Being a special education teacher, it is hard to find a teacher that is able to adapt Physics to the many different learning styles of my students.  Mrs. Smith is always up for the challenge and is extremely successful.  She makes her subject a great experience for each and every one of her students.  The students of USC and staff are so fortunate to have a teacher and mentor that they can both learn and look up to.


"I have never had a teacher so passionate about what they're teaching, or who I feel truly understands and is able to explain concepts as well as you. I was always excited to go to class, and whenever I had questions you were able to answer them.  I really enjoyed learning AP Physics this year."


“Mrs. Smith understands the importance intersection among Physics content, instructional strategies, and needs of adolescents. She works to understand students' strengths and worries in the sciences, and then adjusts her approach to meet individual needs.  Students experience the beauty and fun of the sciences as Mrs. Smith encourages them to approach learning with curiosity.”


"As a student, I was very intimidated at first by Physics in a way I had not been for Biology or Chemistry. It really is where the math meets the science in a challenging way. Class lectures were not making complete sense and, since I was carrying a big courseload, I did not have time to get extra help at school. Mrs. Smith was a huge help getting me on track and putting Physics in "regular terms" for me. Her explanations and examples helped me break down what seemed very complicated and her techniques to work through assignments and labs really translated to better understanding in the classroom and the grade I wanted on the IB exam. And, I actually learned to enjoy and apply the Physics and math skills!"


"Mrs. Smith is one of the few teachers that I have had that really takes pleasure in teaching and making classes fun.  Mrs. Smith's classes were so interesting that I would come an additional time during my free mods.  She has helped me with topics that I struggled with by relating them to real world exaples."


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