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2020 Online Physics Skills Summer Series

 June 23rd - August 13th

Tuesday & Thursday

Morning or Afternoon Session

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Every year students struggle in physics simply because they are not equipped with the proper skill sets to decipher, analyze, and communicate information.  Prepare your child for success in physics class by making sure they have the skills and confidence that they need!

It's time to book the 2020 Online Physics Skills Summer Series with finding physics! This is an eight week series focusing on the skills necessary to have a successful start in physics.  The topic for each week is listed below and includes two sessions focusing on unique skill development.  Each session consists of a prerecorded mini-lesson along with a one-hour-long interactive Zoom meeting to work on the skills live with the instructor.

The workshop goes from June 23rd through August 13th.  Live sessions are currently offered on Tuesday & Thursday during a morning session from 9-10 AM or an afternoon session from 4-5 PM, EST.  

During the live sessions students work through the problems and skills along with the instructor.  Class size is limited to 25 students to allow for adequate time for questions as the lesson progresses.


Algebra Skills

  • solve for a variable located anywhere in an equation (common mistakes emphasized)

  • use equations to explain proportionalities 


Trigonometry Skills

  • review right triangle trigonometry including sine, cosine, tangent & Pythagorean Theorem

  • solve for the sides, hypotenuse, and angles in a right triangle

  • this topic closely ties to week #7


What are Units?

  • differentiate between SI & US units and convert between the two systems

  • demonstrate how units balance on either side of an equation (introduce fundamental vs derived units)


Metric Prefixes

  • quantify various prefixes and determine appropriate prefixes for measurement scales

  • use a prefix table to convert between various prefixes and/or base unit


Problem Solving Method

  • introduce the steps for solving problems in physics

  • solve a variety of problems using this method



  • create a scatter plot graph in a spreadsheet and analyze the relationship between variables

  • review various types of graphical relationships & discuss linearizing a graph and its applications


What is a Vector?

  • differentiate between a scalar and vector

  • calculate the components of a vector

  • add/subtract vectors


The Lab Experience

  • create a laboratory investigation

  • take measurements and report uncertainty

  • format a lab report

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