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Physics Skills Summer Series - Enroll Now!

Prepare your child for success in physics class by making sure they have the skills and confidence that they need!

Every year I see students struggle in physics simply because they are not equipped with the proper skill sets to decipher, analyze, and communicate information. Please help prepare your child for success and stop this cycle!

It's time to book the 2020 Online Physics Skills Summer Series through finding physics! This eight week skills clinic includes two sessions per week. Each session consists of a prerecorded mini-lesson along with a one-hour-long interactive Zoom meeting to work on the skills live with the instructor.

Week #1 - Algebra Skills

Week #2 - Trigonometry Skills

Week #3 - What are Units?

Week #4 - Metric Prefixes

Week #5 - Problem Solving Method

Week #6 - Graphing

Week #7 - What is a Vector?

Week #8 - The Lab Experience

The Physics Skills Summer Series starts on June 23rd, so sign up now! Want more information about each session? Find it on our website under Summer Workshop Info. Class sizes are capped at 25 students to allow for an interactive experience. Additional sessions may be added based on interest.

Prefer one-on-one sessions? Book a private tutoring session and we can tailor the session based on your needs.

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