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Start your journey of

finding physics today

The beauty of physics is that it plays a vital role in each moment of everyone's life.


Regardless if you decide to devote your life to studying it or not, there is no escaping it. My advice is to embrace it!


Take the first steps on your journey with confidence and an open mind. Be humble and realize that you are a student of physics and life. Do not focus on the grade, but the understanding. Slowly, you too will find physics. Then, it is up to you to determine how it will impact your life.


By Appointment | 1 hour

Tutoring sessions are available for various levels of algebra based physics including, but not limited to, Advanced Placement (AP) Physics and International Baccalaureate (IB) Physics. 

Online Private Tutoring

Private tutoring allows for a one-on-one educational experience customized to meet the specific needs of the student.  Content, skills, and pace will be tailored to your educational goals.


Online Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring sessions are an affordable option for groups of four or less students learning the same material in the same course.  This session is organized and booked by a single group member who becomes the contact person for the group.  Finding Physics does not match students for small group tutoring.  

Tips & Insight

Check Regularly for New Posts & Podcasts

As a highly motivated educator, I am passionate about making an impact on the lives of others by preparing them with the technological skills and sound mindset to become authentic authors of their future and change agents on a global level.

Posts will include both technical content as well as educational philosophy.  Find information about upcoming workshops here as well as tips to help students navigate their first year of physics.


Through this content I hope to inspire a life of curiosity, problem solving, and activism.

“Throughout my three years of high school, I have never been more motivated to learn than in your classroom.  Your story and your drive to make an impact in our world really inspire me and give me confidence that women can be just as successful in the STEAM field as men.”


Can't find the right service?  Just ask!

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